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NEW - Paramania Revolution 2 Revo2

    The next generation of beginner   
    Reflex wing that feels like an
    intermediate but with EN B   

Beginner / Intermediate Reflex Powerglider


After more than two years of practical development the much-anticipated REVO 2 is here.
The popularity of the first Revolution set a very high bench mark, creating a successor for this classic Reflex wing has not been easy!

The REVO 2 benefits from a whole new design makeover. It is our answer for both pilots and training centres, who have been asking for the ultimate beginner / intermediate reflex wing.

With a predicted
EN B certification (TBC) the REVO 2 is the first true reflex glider to bridge the vital gap of a wing that a pilot can easily learn to fly on and that first favourite glider that allows a safe, fun and versatile pilot progression over several years.

  • Easy to launch, quick to take off in short distances. (CLE Leading edge system)
  • Enhanced roll or directional stability, both during launch and in flight.
  • Excellent handling, smooth and yet reactive over a forgiving range of brake travel.
  • Super slow speed flight capability for easy, short landings and thermal flight.
  • Legendary 'unmatched' pitch positive Reflex wing stability on fast trim.
  • Simple uncluttered risers and control systems.
  • In-flight propeller torque adjustment.
  • New trimmer locking system, with adjustable sliding brake keepers and handle size.
  • New trimmer & speed bar system with 70% of movement on the trimmers and only 30% on the bar. Ball bearing pulleys give improved smoother bar operation.
  • 3.25 times speed range performance (20-65kph variable with wing loading).
  • The highest quality from the Paramania design / Gin manufacturing.
Note- CLE means "composite leading edge" - the word 'composite' is used to describe combining different types of material to enhance their mechanical properties and to make a new material.
Over the last few years in conjunction with Gin gliders, Paramania have developed this system. It is now incorporated into most of our range of gliders - CLE enhances the launching and performance by cleaning up the leading edge whilst spring opening intakes and reducing weight.

Characteristics :: Icaristics

When you first get the Revo2 out of the bag and inflate it,
the word that immediately comes to mind is ‘easy’!
As you lay it out, the large cell openings with CLE supported leading edge present themselves to the air, almost ready to breath.
Even in light or variable winds the wing comes up with minimum effort, stops and stabilizes above your head, as if waiting for you to move forward!

When launching, it quickly lifts you clear of the ground with
minimum effort and almost no oscillating tendencies (vital when taking off heavily loaded or with a trike unit).

Once in the air it is so comfortable that you soon forget that there is a wing flying above your head!
Benefiting from Mike Campbell-Jones's latest “deep” Reflex wing section, It simply absorbs turbulence like no other reflex wing we have made.

The risers and controls have been logically thought through,
whilst keeping simplicity as the main priority we have added several interesting new features.

The Revo2 flies as if on rails. It has plenty of pitch and roll stability. Given its beginner wing disguise, on fast trim it is a pure distance eater. Pilots can relax and go, no need to hold brakes, apart from occasional tip steering course adjustments. Others on paragliding type wings and even the average reflex wing are left in its wake!

Pulling the trimmers down; you notice slow trim is split into two positions
‘Slow’ and 'Super Slow’ perfect for low and slow flight or forgiving Paraglider-like landings. The combination of good sink rate and the wing’s tight turning radius, enable pilots to practice Paragliding skills (even without power) thermal flying and soaring in light conditions is now easy.

The handling is sublime anywhere within the slow trim range. Responsive and smooth, giving coordinated positive turns, even against powerful engine/propellor torque effects.

The controls feel light, yet with enough feedback to keep the pilot informed.

The length of brake travel is just right, comfortable to fly yet forgiving of heavier handed pilots.

True Reflex Technology :: 100% pitch positive wing section

The Revo 2 has the most pitch positive profile we have designed since the very first Reflex wing! With more stability at speed then any other Reflex wing curently on the market today!

The REVO2 is already available for pre-order. Delivery starts in May. To avoid any disappointment we suggest you book yours now!



Beginner    90%
Occasional pilot  100%
Exp. regular pilot  100%
XC Distance pilot
Competition pilot    70%
Trike (PL1)
Well adapted for trike use  
Great performance on slow  
Who will enjoy this wing?

In all we think the Revo 2 is a perfectly rounded paramotor wing. Its safety and ease of use suits
training schools as well as new, occasional and/or progressive pilots and even experienced intermediate pilots looking for a fun wing that offers years of enjoyment!


It’s ideal for Trike usage. Apart from its substantial engineering build quality, the Revo 2 is extremely easy to inflate... pulling on As is almost a thing of the past and its stability during launch means less demanding behaviour or less likelihood of rolling expensive equipment.


For pilots coming from non-reflexed wings looking to get into a fully Reflexed powered wing that
offers the possibility of trimming down slow for that familiar Paraglider feeling then the  Revo2 is probably the wing for you to!
Revo 2 Size (m2)
23 - S
26 - M
29 - L
PPG Weight Range  (DGAC)
70 - 160
80 - 185
90 - 220

PG Weight Range  (EN)
70 - 100
80 - 120
90 - 140

      46        46  
Trim Slow speed (km/h)  
Trim Fast speed (km/h)   51
Max speed (km/h)*  
min = 1 trim off = 1.2 to 1.9 Max Speedbar = 3
EN Certified    tbc
  tbc tbc tbc

Note - Performance figures may vary depending on pilot/motor weight and drag.
         - PG weight range = EN certified tbc   PPG weight range = DGAC Approved tbc
         - EN load tested to maximum PPG weight range
         - tbc = To Be Confirmed

2008-11-17_fusion_29_en.pdf Revo 2 (S) 23 in progress   2008-11-17_fusion_29_en.pdf Revo 2 (M) 26 in progress        2008-11-17_fusion_29_en.pdf Revo 2 (L) 29 in progress  

NEW Brake Handles 
  • Adjustable brake handle size for a perfect fit. Also possible to remove or replace the padding inside to suit your grip. (ridgid, flexible, no padding etc)
  • Swivel attachement to stop the brake line from twisting.


NEW Simplicity Risers
  • In flight adjustable pulley position for low and high hangpoints (removes the need for a second pulley and can be adjusted to the exact height you prefer)

The official Paramania colour scheme  (Standard production colours in stock)

Alternative colour schemes
(without aditional costs, not in stock > made upon order) 


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