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KANGOOK Paramotors

Kangook Paramotors are made in Canada by RS Ultra and come in a variety of different options
including a unique range of Trikes, Tandem Options and a large range of Innovative
Flying Accessories.

So Why Buy from RS ULTRA?
These are the Top Reasons You Should Join Our Kangook Team

Innovative: Our goal at Rs Ultra is to be the leader in paramotor design and innovation. From unique cage manufacturing, clever interchangeable attachment options and multi fit frame engine mounts, we continue to make flying powered paragliders an unforgettable experience from the very first day you fly your paramotor.

Customer Service: Our business is more than just selling you a Paramotor. At RS Ultra we strive to offer the best dealer and customer support in the industry. Service goes beyond just buying a paramotor. We know that flying is important to you and understand how it feels when you are stuck because you don’t have the necessary part(s) to get back in the air. We are here to help and just an email or phone call away.

Organized: Responding to emails and helping our dealers help customers are just few things we like to do to make our product our product stand out. We make just about everything in our shop just outside Montreal, Quebec Canada. This gives us the ability to service our customers faster and more efficiently.

Authentic: No drama or hidden mirrors. We are down to earth Canadian pilots who are just as passionate as you are when it comes to powered paragliding.  We think there is no better match than talented pilots making powered paragliding gear for other like-minded pilots like you. We value your opinion and make products that work exceptionally well.

Hard Working: We wake up in the morning knowing with our hard work more pilots around the world will enjoy our innovations. It’s a joy for us to make your flying dreams come true.

World Wide Distribution and Support: From humble beginnings at our small shop in Canada our product are becoming more and more popular around the world.  See the world wide dealer network for a dealer closest near you at It’s amazing our business has grown this fast!

World Record Support: RS Ultra has become the choice of top professionals such as World Record holder Chris Atkinson and the gold medal winner Laurent Salinas at the World Air Games in Nepal. We continue to support any individual that needs help doing extraordinary things with our Paramotors. What`s your next idea?

Warranty: We have produced a great product and stand behind it. That’s our guarantee. 2 years warranty on frame. 3 years warranty on harness. Our custom made harnesses are built to last and safe to keep you enjoying the rest of your paramotor. Paramotor engine warranties depend on the manufacture. Check with your local dealer for more information.

Large Range of Products: We have decided that there are different needs for each PPG pilot. Our perfectly matched products come in all different forms from the light weight foot launch Kangook Lite paramotors to the pilots who like to cruise on wheels and skis. We are confident you will find something that fits what you are looking for.

Fast Turnaround Time: Most dealers don’t stock our entire range of products because we have so many…but that’s ok. Because we make most of the parts ourselves the turnaround time to get what you need is fast. Shipping can be as quick as the next day!

Choice of Instructors and Schools: More and more Powered Paragliding schools are realizing the advantages of our products. Keeping your local ppg school and dealer happy is what keeps us in business. If your dealer is not satisfied you won’t be either. We know the importance of serving all of our customers and value your support.

Traditional Values: In this day and age it is easy to get products made in China. We have opted to make the products ourselves for better quality control and relationships with our customers. We know it costs a little more but the flexibility and service is priceless. We all know Paramotors are not something you buy at Walmart!

We Care: Feel free to send us an email to say hi and give us feedback. We make products for you to enjoy and want to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products.

Original design: We have looked at what is available on the market and decided to make the perfect paramotor. It is because we are a small manufacture we have the ability to adapt to the changing market and continue to improve. Just think of it as quality over quantity.

Hand Made in Canada: Believe it or not…every paramotor is hand-made and quality tested right in our shop in Quebec Canada. It is important for us to be familiar with the manufacturing process for the highest quality for the end user.

Kangook Paramotor Range

Click Here to View the range of Kangook Paramotors

Kangook KX1Trike - PPG (Solo & Tandem) and Hang Glider Trikes

Click Here to View the Kangook KX1 Trike

Kangook KUAD Trike

Click Here to View the Kangook KUAD Trike

Kangook K-LIGHT Trike - PPG and Hang Glider Trike

Click Here to View the Kangook K-LIGHT Trike

Kangook For The Kids


Kangook Tandem Bars

Click Here to View the  KangookTandem Bars


For More information and Prices on the Full range of Kangook Products
Email us at or Call us personally on 01354 658778


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  • "As a paraglider pilot, I thought that converting to paramotors would be a simple and quick transition. It isn't - it's fundamentally different, and as such, needs a lot of good ..."
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  • "I contacted Nigel in May 2013 after researching paramotoring on the internet and was invited to the UKPPG open day, where I met 2 of the most dedicated people I have ever known ..."
    Kelvin Rogers
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  • "8th Oct 2012 my feet have just left the ground, my maiden flight. Wow words cant explain the thrill exhilaration, excitement, the buzz. Ive had a smile on my face from day one;..."
    Dale Woodward
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