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Garuda PPG Paraglider


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The extraordinary flight characteristics of the Garuda makes him not only a paraglider of the top clay.

Excellent take off and flight behavior makes him also an unusual paramotor wing.

The very direct handling and the high speed range of the Garuda is simply fun on the paramotor. 

The Garuda is delivered with a special designed combi riser for paramotor use.

Two hang points makes the riser suitable for paramotor use and free flying.On paramotor use trim tabs
on the rear allow to compensate the torque as well as a permanent accelerated flight.

Of course the Garuda is also convertible with paramotor combi risers afterwards - availably from every Independence dealer

With these characteristics is the Garuda a perfect wing for motorised and non-motorised flying.
The Medium size is certified up to a maximum take off weight of 140 kg,
The Large size is certified up to a maximum take off weight of 160 kg. 


Design Info

Here is our new high-performance intermediate wing: The Garuda

The Dragon-trilogy was one of the most successful paraglider-series ever. All of these LTF1-2 wings have been trend-setting at their time
and pleased countless pilots. But with the new intermediate wing Garuda we go even a step forward!

Because this new wing, which is certified according to LTF1-2 and EN B, enables us for the first time to implement the perfomance-potential
and the flight-characteristics of higher-class gliders into the sport-class.

So the Garuda offers high-performance and an outstanding, agile handling, but also a manageable extremflight-behaviour for the
actively flying pilot. 

The partly trapezoid-shaped closed entry-edge reduces the drag of the Garuda, what is a clear advantage for the gliding-performance,
especially for accelerated flying and for flying against the wind. This effect of drag-minimizing is enhanced by the thin Liros-Dyneem
A-lines, which are used in the upper line-segment of the Garuda. The geometry of the Garuda´s brake-lines offers a smooth-running
and easy to shift handling, which makes the variation of the bank during thermal-flying to a real pleasure. This kind of handling also
convinces while flying dynamical manoeuvres such as high wing-overs, spirals and SATs! 

Primarily the target-group of the Garuda are pilots, who are looking for an agile allround-glider, which is suitable for XC-flights
as well as for free-style-flying. 

Convince yourself of the great flight-characteristics of the Garuda and contact your local dealer to arrange an appointment for a test-flight.

Because we are sure: The Garuda is the best intermedite-glider we have ever made!


The Garuda is available in the following colour combinations:


Technical Info:

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