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Bailey V3-180 and Bailey 4V-200 Paramotors


SOHC 180cc or 200cc 4 stroke engine
1.10m or 1.30m diameter props available
Electric Start (Manual Back-Up Optional)
Alloy or Titanium Construction
Ultra Fuel Efficient
Very Quiet
Easy Fuelling (No Oil/Fuel Pre-Mixing)
No Compromise on Construction Quality
British Designed and Built

New To 2009

2009 sees the introduction of two all new, third generation 4 stroke engines, known as the V3-180 and 4V-200. The V3-180 is an 18HP, 180cc, 2 valve engine that directly replaces our 4stroke175 and features a number of improvements; 1kg lighter, more compact in every dimension, more powerful, improved cooling, provision for electric start with manual back-up, increased oil capacity, improved oil filtration / scavenging and much more.

The 4V-200 engine is based on the V3-180, but has a capacity of 200cc (22HP) and features a unique 4 valve cylinder head, ideally suited to paramotor pilots that weigh over 110Kg or the perfect answer for self-builders of trikes, ultralights or powered hanggliders, looking for economical, reliable 4 stroke power.

Our 'World First' 4 stroke paramotors have proved devastatingly effective over the last 5 years in competitions, with many UK, French and World Championship podium positions. Bailey Aviation machines are the leading choice for competition pilots, long XC pilots and fun-flyers alike. The 4 stroke design provides a superbly linear power delivery, smooth from idle to the higher RPM limits, far removed from the peaky power delivery of some 2 stroke designs. Many pilots are enjoying the extra flying time our fuel-efficient 4 stroke design offers, with 4+ hours flights now possible from a 10 litre fuel load.

The Bailey 4 stroke is a single cylinder SOHC design and features CNC machined alloy crankcases, pressure compensating carburettor, stainless steel exhaust, Poly-V belt drive reduction, high power CDI ignition and electric starting system. The Bailey 4 Stroke engines are compact and weigh in at 18.3Kg (V3-180) or 19.5Kg (4V-200) with all ancillaries (but minus battery pack).

But Are The 4 Strokes Heavier?
Many people are apprehensive at the dry weight of our 4 stroke paramotor compared to a 2 stroke counterpart, without understanding the affective advantages of the design. There are currently many 30kg + paramotors available, most having a fuel consumption of 4-6 litres / hour. This means that when fuelling for a 2-hour flight on such a machine it would require the loading of 10 litres (7.20kg) of fuel, bringing the total take-off weight to 37.20kg. A similar flight on a Bailey 4 Stroke that uses 2 litres/hour would only need 4 litres (2.88kg) of fuel, resulting in a take off weight of only 36.38kg. When contemplating the weight of a Bailey 4 Stroke, the fuel load has to be taken into consideration, as the 4 Stroke is very economical.

Standard Features:
All Bailey Paramotors are supplied with the following standard features:-

Helix Carbon-composite 2 blade propeller (1.1m or 1.3m available)
4 piece double hoop safety cage (alloy or Titanium available)
Sup'Air bespoke harness with carry pockets and attached speed bar pulleys
10 litre aluminium fuel tank with dry break coupling and sight gauge
Stainless steel hang bars (mid or low types available)
Padded Bailey Aviation propeller covers
Padded Bailey Aviation cage quarter bag

4 Litres Castrol Power 1 Racing fully synthetic oil
Operation and Maintenance manual

New Quick Release Propeller Mounting System:

The new quick release propeller mounting system is available for all
V3-180 and 4V-200 engines. A simple and safe R clip and single bolt
fixture creating even clamping pressure - whilst also providing easy
propeller removal.

The Quick Release Prop System Price Is:  £40.00 (Including VAT)

We Offer both the V3 and V4 4stroke Paramotors with the following options:-
  • Aluminium alloy or Titanium chassis and cage quarters
  • 1.10m or 1.30m diameter carbon composite propeller
  • Mid or Low hang bar systems
  • Left or right hand throttle
  • Optional 15 litre fuel tank (1.30m prop machines only) (+£20.00 incl VAT)
  • Optional new Active Chassis system (£160 incl VAT)
  • Optional Manual start 'Back-up' system (£75 incl VAT)
  • Optional Quick Release Prop System (£40 incl VAT)
  • Optional Modified harness for PET2000DXR tacho mounting 

    The New Bailey THOR

    The new Bailey Thor is the product of 11 years in the PPG manufacturing business, during which time our machines have won countless National Championships, two European Championships and in 2009 the FAI World Championship.

    Our machines are also the mount of choice for many hardcore cross country pilots completing many epic un-supported long distance trips. Due to the Polini pedigree many PPG manufacturers are now offering the Thor engine in their chassis. We have worked hard on the design of our new Bailey-Thor chassis to incorporate many convenient features not offered by our competitors.

    The Bailey Thor uses the fantastic new Polini 2 stroke engine, which we are mightily impressed with and will be our lightest and most inexpensive paramotor. The decision to re-introduce a 2 stroke machine was made based on the performance vs weight characteristics of the new engine

    The Polini engine is in our view the best 2 stroke paramotor specific engine ever made, is very nicely engineered, produced by a highly reputable company, is lightweight and has a 20.5HP power output @ 8900RPM.

    The engine features an aluminium cylinder with Gilnisil coating with a 12.5:1 compression ratio, Walbro Carburettor with moulded intake silencer (optional Dellorto carburettor), lightweight 3.43:1 reduction drive and a simple manual pull start re-coil system and centrifugal (oil bath) clutch assembly. The engine weighs 11.8Kg (minus exhaust), is incredibly compact and is fitted with a 2 blade 1.10mØ or 1.30mØ (composite) or 1.25mØ (wooden) Polini prop, giving approx. 64Kg of thrust (1.25m prop version). The complete Bailey Thor paramotor weighs only 27.3Kg (ready to run, minus fuel). We can offer an optional small 12V 4ah battery that is charged from the engine to run accessories (please enquire for details).

    The Bailey Thor is available only with our alloy chassis in 1.10mØ or 1.30mØ size (the 1.25mØ wooden prop version uses the 1.30mØ chasis/cage) with either standard fit mid or low hang bars or extra cost Active Chassis. We have no immediate plans to produce the Thor with our titanium chassis. All Bailey Thor paramotors are equipped with our standard quick release propeller system as standard.

    With the exception of the engine and propeller, the Thor uses the same quality components as our range of 4 stroke machines, lightweight double hoop safety cage, bespoke Sup'Air harness with carry pockets and attached speed bar pulleys, alloy 10 L fuel tank (15L tank optional on 1.25mØ/1.30mØ versions), choice of mid or low stainless steel hang bars, Sup'Air carabiners and World Championship winning build quality.

    The Bailey Thor has some unique design features as listed below


    All Bailey Thor paramotors are supplied with the following standard features:-
    • 1.10m composite or 1.30m composite or 1.25m Wooden 2 blade propeller
    • Quick release propeller mounting system as standard
    • 4 piece double hoop safety cage (alloy only)
    • Sup'Air bespoke harness with carry pockets and attached speed bar pulleys
    • 10 litre aluminium fuel tank with dry break coupling and sight gauge
    • Stainless steel hang bars (mid or low types available)
    • Padded Bailey Aviation propeller covers
    • Padded Bailey Aviation cage quarter bag
    • Operation and Maintenance manual

      2010 Paramotor Range Prices

      1.10mØ carbon propeller
      Manual start
      1.25mØ wooden propeller
      Manual start
      1.30mØ carbon propeller
      Manual start

      All prices include UK VAT @ 17.5%

      Extra Cost Options:-
      *Please add £160 incl VAT to the above prices for our new 'Active Chassis' system.
      **Small battery for running accessories - TBA

      Call or email to order your New Bailey Thor Today


    Bailey Aviation require us to use their standard printable order form when ordering their products. All the options are listed in the pdf order form that you can download from the link below:

    Simply download the order formbelow, print it out, fill it in and then post back to UKPPG Paramotors with your cheque for your deposit amount (alternatively payment can be taken over the phone by Credit / Debit Cards or via Bank Transfer - please, call us on 01354 658778 for more details).

    Click Here to Request Our Bailey Aviation Products Order Form By Email

    A £500 deposit is required at time of order.

    When your machine is ready, you will need to pay the balance of the payment and then you can collect your machine. You will be shown a run through on the operation of the machine. All machines are supplied with a user manual, which we suggest you study in great detail.

    We aim to keep the delivery times on our range as short as possible, but as all machines are hand made by a team of skilled engineers, with components sourced from different countries it is best to call us for accurate delivery times.

    We recommend you return your paramotor/trike/engine to us for its first free service, after that time we recommend that you follow the service schedule shown in your user manual.

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