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NEW Higher Power STROBE LIGHT (Single Head, Self Contained) - Micro Avionics


This listing is for the NEW Brighter MICRO AVIONICS Single Head, Self Contained, 12volt DC AVIATION STROBE LIGHT. This Strobe Light Is Perfect For Use on Paramotors, Paragliders, Microlights, Hang Gliders, Flexwings & 3 axis systems etc. Can Be Easily Fitted To Any Paramotor, Trike or Paraglider. Comes Complete with Fixing Kit and the Strobe Can Be Side or Bottom Mounted By the Fixing Kit Product Information: Reliable, Bright & SAFE Alone Strobe Head, Has No Remote Driver Box Saving Weight and Messy Wires. All the electronics are in the strobe head Easy to install Input voltage: 12-14 Volt DC. Current: 0.5 Amp. Flash per minute: 30 Joules: 60-80 flashes per minute. Weight: 190 gram. Height: 103mm x Width: Base 60mm and lens 50mm. Fixing Attachment: 2 x 5mm fixing hole, one on side, one on bottom. Waterproofing: Electronics covered in waterproofing resin. Guarantee: 12 Months . Visibllity: upto 2 Miles Away 12v DC Battery Packs Also Available for Non Electric Machines and Paragliders. P&P for the UK is GBP 5.55, Shipping to the rest of the World is GBP 13.95.

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