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MP001 Paramotor Headset



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The Clear Communication

Paramotor Headset, with intercom side tone c/w Mobile Phone,
Second Radio, Stereo Music, PTT Connections, Input Connector
(Leads Not Included)
Charger Included.

MP001 Stereo Paramotor Headset with SideTone

Fully specified stereo Paramotor headset.
Designed to be worn under a MicroAvioncs CE
marked safety helmet. No other UK manufacture
has all these features. User can configure the headset
work with any radio.

Auxiliary connection for:

Stereo Music (MP004 Lead), Mobile Telephone (MP003 Lead),
Stereo Audio Out, Second Radio (MP002 Lead),
Remote PTT (MP007 Lead), Tandem intercom (MP008 Lead).

The headset has 'Side Tone'. Side tone enables
the user to hear their own voice whilst transmitting,
this eliminates the need to shout and transmits a
clear audio transmission and automatically cut out
your Mobile or MP3 Player if connected..

Two headsets can be linked together for tandem use,
using the optional tandem intercom lead (MP008)

Headset Components

  • Gel Ear Seals?can also be retro fitted to other headsets.
  • Auxiliary Locking bayonet plug.
  • High specification noise cancelling mic.
  • Volume dial on each headset.
  • Padded headband for more comfort
  • PTT on headset.


  • User configurable for any radio
  • Electronic noise filtering circuit.
  • Comfortable to wear ? headset does not squee


  • Stereo Music Lead MP004  
  • Mobile Telephone Lead MP003
  • Second Radio Lead MP002
  • Remote PTT Lead MP007
  • Tandem Intercom Lead MP008

Designed to Fit Comfortably and Neatly, Underneath
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