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UKPPG LED Strobe Light System


One of those so-simple-Why-Didnt-I-Think-of-That ideas. Designed by UKPPG and with Patents Pending, a NEW Paramotor cage LED Strobe Light System that can be attached onto the rim of any paramotor frame, primarily designed as an anti-collision light so that other pilots can clearly notice you in the sky.

Strobe light System and Concept has patents pending due to a lengthy and costly design process.  We have spent nearly 5,000 hours developing and producing the idea, the design of new circuitry and new LED technology suitable for the application to be clearly seen in daylight for which it is designed. 

The UKPPG LED Strobe system flashes at a regulatory, less than 90 times a minute in Mode1 (Strobe Mode), and is visible from several kilometres away. If the ppg is heading towards you, then the other pilot will see either: Green, White or Red Super Bright LEDs flashing as an alert of your presence.

The Strobe also has 4 bands of constant Super Bright Red LEDs, so even if a Pilot missed a flash they will always see the RED Static Lights, again alerting them of your presence in the sky.

UKPPG came up with the idea after a friend told us about an instance of a near miss with a light aircraft in the USA.  We spend a lot of time flying in still air at dawn or dusk as ppg Pilots, landing upto the half hour after sunset rule, so they are a practical solution to a real problem.

The lights are presented as a 3.3m double strip of LEDs, which can be quickly attached to any style or size of manufacturers cages so one size fits all.

The strobe light system also incorporates a specially designed attachment method so that the paraglider lines do not snag on the attachment points during forward launches.

The Strobe unit runs off a lightweight 12v battery and is totally shower proof.

We have also incorporated a clever secondary use (Mode2) into the strobe light system for illumination before or after landing if the daylight has disappeared.

By pressing the function button on the compact controller a second time, switches the Strobe Light to illuminate all the white LEDs on the strip to constant and you light up an arc of approx two metres on the ground.  Perfect for setting up at dawn or packing away at dusk, ensuring you pick up all your equipment.

We are currently working on several different models for PPG, Paragliders and Microlights, which are also covered under our patent.

If you require a Rechargeable 12v Battery for this unit these are also available for GBP 12.50 and will supply around 1-1/2 to 2 hours of running time from a single charge.




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