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Fuel Management System - Universal For All Paramotors


Fuel Management System  

The Fuel Managment System comes complete with a specially designed flow sensor built specifically for the purpose of displaying the following values and readings;

Live Fuel Consumption (Litres/Hr)
Mean Fuel Consumption (Litres/Hr)
Flight Consumption (Litres)
Total Consumption (Litres)

The Fuel Management Display Unit attaches to your paramotor (aircraft) enabling a clear visiblereadout of your Live, Mean, Flight and Total Fuel Consumption.

In this way you will always know how many liters you still have in your tank, and how far or how long you can fly safely.

The Fuel Management System also helps you fly more economically, by calibrating your throttle.

It can also be used for measuring the efficiency of your Paraglider or Paramotor or different combinations.


Standard Calibrated for fuel use of 2 to 10 Litres Per Hour (this can be changed if required).

Flow Meter Connection for a direct fix to a standard 6mm fuel line.

Battery Life:
1 Year + (Inbuilt Auto On Off Feature).

Fuel Consumption (Litres Per Hour)
Mean Consumption(Litres Per Hour)
Flight Consumption (Litres)
Total Consumption (Litres)

Price Includes UK and Ireland Shipping and VAT at 20%

Customer Testimonial:

Robor flow sensor

I ordered the Robor flow sensor on Monday from Nigel at UKPPG, after viewing it on youtube. Received the item on Tuesday, it only took 30 minutes to fit to my Parajet Cyclone 160.

The kit comes with everything you need to install it to your machine, at first I was dubious about how accurate it would be.

After all the wires where tidied away I filled the tank with 1000ml and started theengine, immediately the unit started to show me the flow in litters per hour,average litters per hour, trip and total fuel used. I ran the engine for a fewminutes and it used 350ml, then decanted the fuel to a measuring jug and therewas 630ml left making a total of 980ml the other 20ml is what’s in the fuellines and filter as my tank was completely dry to start with.

Overall very happy with my purchase.

Thanks again UKPPG

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