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2015 EC-Extreme EC25 Paramotor (Vittorazi MOSTER 185cc Powered)


This Paramotor Listing is for the EC25 EC-Extreme
EC-Extreme custom make all of there chassis to fit the engine that it is specifically designed for and the EC25 is the Chassis model for the 185cc Vittorazi Moster.

The EC25 is designed and built specifically to withstand the large smooth thrust which is available from this magnificent Vittorazi Moster 185 engine, unlike other companies that adapt there smaller engined Chassis to counterfit different engines in to a single designed single chassis design.

The Full Range of EC Extreme Paramotors and Trikes are built to be Light Weight but are also extremely strong. UKPPG sell most brands of Paramotor on the current market and out of all of our different brands the EC-Extreme is by far the strongest, most robust design out there and yet is still the lightest on the market (Moster Powered).

The Full range of EC-Extreme Paramotors come with a Top quality, easy in, Easy out Harness c/w Weight Shift Cruise Facility, Comfort Leg Bar, Superb Padding and we have to say without any hesitation at all that the EC-Extreme harness is the easiest, most effortless harness to get in and out of that we have ever flown, in fact we always use the EC-Extreme at our UKPPG training school as is it so robust and comfortable in the air and has every safety feature you will ever require n a paramotor.

The Chassis and Cage also has a market leading design in quick assembly of the 3-piece Aluminum Cage (assembly and dismantling in under 60 seconds).
You can easily fit your Paramotor into a boot of a car or take it with you when you go traveling as the cage packs away in seconds into its own Cage Bag and the fuel tank has a one way valve in the cap to prevent fuel spilling out in your vehicle whilst in transit giving it Ultimate Portability.  

Technical Information:
Power - 25hp Manual Starter
Tank - 12L
Propellor - 125cm Custom EC-Extreme Helix
Cage - Aluminum 3 PC Quick Connect
Paramotor Weight - 23.5 kgs
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Moster 185 Engine:

The structure of the engine Moster 185 is simple, streamlined and compact. The complete weight of the engine is 12.9 kgs in pull starter version, the installation "plug&play" is very fast and simple on every cage. The thermic group is cooled with the air generated by the extraction flow of the propeller, in direct transmission with the crankshaft.

The motor develop a power of 25 hp at 7.800 rpm,is particularly suitable for a weights pilot + paramotor or trike between 100 and 160 Kgs (200 to 350 pounds). The engine`s not been studied for the tandem use or for a take off weight over 160 kgs. The thrust is regular, smooth, gentle up to reach 75 kgs (165 pounds) with a 130 cms (51 inches) propeller or 70 kgs (155 pounds) with 122 cms (48 inches) propeller.

The motor starts on the ground or during the flight in unique way considering the capacity 185cc and avoid the installation of the decompresser valve. The vibrations are almost imperceptible on every speed, while the distribution of the weights and the dimensions of the motor, reduce the torque effect given from the propeller.

The motor has been studied for getting a limited noise, attenuated by air box, from the belt transmission, from a good silencer and from the choice of the best propellers. The consumption of this motor is about 3,5 litres / hour considering a cruise flight.



Thanks to the use of the Walbro membrane carburetor, the motor maintains a constant engine idle speed, also changing the inclination in flight or in preparation to the take-off. The Moster185 cannot be mounted upside down or rotated of 90°. It can also be supplied with extractable and interchangeable pulley, so can be used with different measures of propeller.
It is available with components optional in carbon fiber, chromed or anodized.

Technical Data for the Moster 185:

Cycle:  2 strokes 
Stroke:  54 mms 
Swept volume:  184.7 cc 
Bore:  Ø 66 mms 
Power:  25 hp at 7.800 rpm  
Cylinder:  Single cylinder in aluminum Nicasil chromed 
Piston: HQ, graphite, 2 rings chromed  Intake
Air Box: Silencer air-box
Carburetor: Walbro carburetor
Intake: Reed valve intake 
Cooling: Air Cooled from Extraction from propellor
Starter:  Manual
Clutch:  No clutch with direct transmission
Reduction drive:  ratio 1/2.7 - Poly V belt. 
Ignition coil:  Inductive IDI 
Spark-plug:  NGK BR9ES 
Temperatures max: EGT 550° - CHT 230° 
Exhaust pipe:  Hand-made with Silencer
Silencer: Carbon Fiber  Finish
Propellor Rotation: Counter Clockwise
Fuel:  Unleaded gasoline
Oil: Fully Synthetic Oil 2.5% (UKPPG Recommend our Putoline MX7) 
Consumption:  3.0-3.5 liters/hour at 30kg of trust,
Propellor 125cms  
Weight:  12.9 kg (pull starter version) 



Chassis and Frame Colours:

Black is Standard but we offer a full range of Colours for a small additional cost including a fantastic range of:
Camouflage and Carbon Effect Frames, Cages and Air Filter Boxes





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