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The BUG Ground Handling, Training Wing 12m2


This UKPPG Listing is For:

THE "BUG" Training Wing Package

B eginners to experts U nderstanding of G round handling

The Ultimate Ground Handling & Training Wing
Size 12m

Colours Available:

RED, Black & White


The BUG is the New, Ultimate Experience in Ground Handling / Training Wings from UKPPG.

The BUG has been specifically designed at 12msq for use by Professional Training Schools and Individual Experienced Pilots alike, offering longer hours of opportunity for training or practicing out on the flying field when the wind speeds are simply to high or too unsafe to use a full size Paraglider.

Trainees and Experienced Pilots alike, feel safe and confident on The BUG, knowing that they are not going to end up in the next field if a heavy gust of wind or a strong thermal suddenly comes across the field.

The BUG reacts so realistically, with all of the characteristics of a full size paraglider making the transition from Training wing to full size wing very smooth, simple and fast unlike some other Training wings that have less lines and bridal features.

The BUG also features a Full Trimmer System so beginners and experienced pilots can practice every manoeuvre possible as if they was practising on a full size paraglider.

1x UKPPG Training Harness

Extremely light harness, suitable for practising your ground handling skills.
The preferred choice for Training Schools, Instruction and as a first PG Harness.

This Harness is a One Size Fits All. (S-XL)
Leg, Chest and Side Adjustment Straps.Lightweight Ply Seat Board

(Gives realistic Paramotor Training experience).
Mid Hangpoints.

Fully Rated Flying Harness.
Optional Extra 110mm (4.5 inch) Foam Back Protector.

(See our Other Listing)
Reserve Parachute can be mounted for Left or Right Hand Deployment.

Aluminium Gate Lock Carabiners x2

You Also Receive 2x Gate Lock Aluminium Carabiners to complete your Package Deal

Summary of What's Included in this Purchase:

1x UKPPG BUG Training / Ground Handling Wing

1x UKPPG Training Harness

2x Aliuminium Gate Lock Carabiners

Collection in Person or Delivery by Signed For Courior Available on this item.

We also offer a Try before you Buy policy - Machines and Wings are always available at our test centre to test fly, so you can be sure your getting the right Machine or Wing to suit your needs.

Call for details 07914 736824

Paramotoring is classed as a Dangerous Sport, We recommend that you take professional Instruction prior to using this Item.

We Welcome you to Come along to our Fantastic Flying Site and Try out the Amazing BUG before you Buy.

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