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SKY - CIMA K2 - Paramotor Edition


CIMA K2 is the best glider for all those who just love flying light.

It is a modification of CIMA that is still favoured by pilots thanks to its stability that is so valued during the mountain flying.

CIMA K2 is even lighter; it is ultra light wing (only3.5 kg in the M size with the traditional (13mm) risers) that still could be used for everyday flying as the unique mixture of materials and the way they are used ensures the maximum durability, low porosity value in the course of the time and minimal ageing of the wing.

The panels are made of the ultra light SKYTEX 27 classic while the leading edge is provided with SKYTEX 40 deperlant to minimise the ageing of the wing.

CIMA K2 uses the same certification as CIMA – AFNOR Standard

The CIMA K2 is the multi-purpose glider suitable for every pilots needs.

Despite its light weight and compact size the CIMAK2 is a glider without compromise.

The CIMA K2 has performance to rival any Standard class paraglider.

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