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SKY - Antea - Paramotor Edition


ANTEA – paramotoring edition – the wing ofchampions!

ANTEA – paramotoring edition is the modification of the free flight high performance wing.

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ANTEA certified in the EN C category (CEN 926 – 1 and CEN 926–2) and it was already in the first season when the glider proved to be the perfect choice for sport and competition flying.

ANTEA – paramotoring edition is the best option for allthose who would like to fly competitive spirit, high performance and preciselyhandled wing.

The main distinctive features are:

Very easy take off.

The speed and ability to penetrate the headwind in difficult conditions Minimum pitching tendency and minimal roll tendency – great for the reaction of the throttle to keep the optimized angle of attack at flight.

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High performance and fast reactions of the wing even if difficult conditions.

Very comfortable SKY handling.

Prolonged life span thanks to the new generation zero porosity materials used on the leading edge

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