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SKY - Fides Eco - Paramotor Edition


The glider FIDES Eco – paramotoring edition is based on reliable FIDES (DHV 1) glider and it is the economical solution for schools searching for a brand new certified and fully guaranteed wing with outstanding training qualities for novice paramotoring pilots.

The main distinctive features are:

Easy take off Outstanding roll and pitch stability Sufficient speed range Safety of a DHV 1 wing FIDES 2 eco – paramotoring edition sized 30 is also certified by DULV (GS-01–1368–05) for flying with the following engines: FRESH BREEZE GmbH & Co. KG (Snap 120, SIMO 122, Monster, Flyke,, 122 AL 2 F); Fly market GmbH & Co. KG (Snap 100, SMN 130); Turnpoint GmbH (Miniplane 125).


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