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SKY - Fides 2 Evolution (Evo) - Paramotor Edition


The wing FIDES 2 evo –- paramotoring edition represents a unique modification of the well known and popular FIDES 2 evo for free flying.

The wing is certified in the EN B (CEN 926–1 and CEN 926–2) category and it passed successfully 24 very demanding EN manoeuvres – just check the video –- minimum weight and maximum weight –- and the test flight protocols.

FIDES 2 evo – paramotoring edition is remarkably well suited for schools (state of the art material on the leading edge was used to keep the porosity low and ageing was minimized) and thanks to its fair and easy behaviour also for all those who fly occasionally and the safety is the main prerequisite for flying in the real peace of mind.

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