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UKPPG WINDSOCK ARM This is the Very Strong Arm and it has been especially designed to withstand our Largest UKPPG 1960mm Windsock, we have also incorporated a Large Eyelet so that all sizes of fixing shackles can be used to Attach Your Winsock. Do you need of a solution for Mounting your Windsocks or Thermal Indicators? Then We have the Answer for you !!! UKPPG Manufacture Solutions for All of your Windsock, Thermal Finder Requirements. You can mount our Windsock Arm in many different ways. OPTION 1: We sell a Purpose made Reinforced Telescopic Pole that our Windsock Arm fits directly onto over the outside of the pole. This is then Secured by means of a Body Clip, Our Telescopic Poles can also be made to be FREESTANDING in a flying field etc, by using our Telescopic Pole GROUND STAKE Accessories (see Groundstakes) in conjuction with the Poles. OPTION 2: Drill a 10mm hole 60mm into either a wooden or metal Mast / Pole and the insert the Windsock Arm into the hole. Now drill a 1.5mm hole through the mast / pole and insert a screw through the Mast / Pole to secure the Arm in place. Alternatively you can simply drill a 10mm hole into the top of an Existing Mast / Pole or Fasten a Length of 1" (25mm) Wooden Dowel to a Post The Dimensions of the Arm are Approximately: Rotatable Housing: 70mm x 10mm 360 Degree Rotating: 180mm BRAND NEW and in STOCK ready for INSTANT DISPATCH (UK P&P = GBP 2.89 Worldwide Shipping for this Item GBP 4.45)

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