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Nigel & Nikki

Quotes I initially contacted UKPPG in order to purchase a new wing. The good advice I got from Nigel made me decide to go ahead. I also felt that my technique needed improving so given the positive experience, I decided to book refresher lessons rather than risk flying totally new equipment for the first time by myself (I had separately bought a new paramotor). In just two days of training with Nigel at UKPPG, my technique improved beyond all recognition. It was a revelation to experience how friendly, patient and observant Nigel was in the training. Nothing was too much trouble, his encouragement was uplifting and I never felt uneasy, hassled or stupid as I made mistakes - Nigel was simply able to use those experiences to improve my awareness of my technique. I progressed from being apprehensive of forward launching to now thoroughly enjoying how effortless it can be with the correct technique - remarkable. Owen Jones (Contiued below) Quotes
Owen Jones
Paramotor Training (Forward Launch Techniques)

Quotes Very big thankyou to Nigel and Nikki , one very satisfied trainee. I cannot thankyou enough , had such a great time and for also saving my life. Training with you , safety comes first and the fun comes later . Had to start from scratch for various reasons and was flying within 3 days with the paramotor on. Would highly recommend if you are thinkin of this sport/hobby . But watch out where you go . Go to the people who sell the products i.e Nigel and Nikki . They will sell you the product that is suitable for you . Set the wing and paramotor up for you PROPERLY . Thanks for the holiday and say hi to the kids and everyone i met :) all the every best . Stuart X Quotes
Stuart Pitkeathly

Quotes Call sign Skidder: If you dont like adventure or you dont like to be out doors and you shy away from hard physical exercise then dont bother to read on. I have just had the adventure of a lifetime, learning to Paramotor with the Best PPG instructor in the UK, Nigel Davies at UKPPG (My opinion). I have observed, been instructed and learnt many new skills from a consummate professional who only accepts the very best from his students. Because of this, you automatically try your hardest to aspire to Nigels standards, which are extremely high. Never have I had so much fun and exhilaration mashed in with so much physical exercise, Continued Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes Never have I had so much fun and exhilaration mashed in with so much physical exercise, even throughout my military career. Don?t get me wrong; I was not bench pressing, weight lifting or running marathons. No, it was harder than that! Learning to control a training wing to the point of perfection, mastering turns and turn backs was difficult at the best of times. However, graduating to a medium wing with the weight of a Paramotor on your back made everything just that little bit more difficult. All of that was without the added complication of having the motor running and the addition of power! That would come later? Continued Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes After running around the field leaning back to the point where you thought that gravity would surely take you down, you had to continue to build your back muscles so you could overcome the forces and lean back even further. Once you have the Paramotor running, it very quickly all falls in to place why this was so important. Nigel then put me in to the flight simulator. What a wonderful invention. You learn so much more at UKPPG, especially when you have tools like this to help the learning process. I certainly gained great benefit and some real insight in to the forces that act on the body and wing even before I was given the opportunity to do it for real in the sky. After many more hours of ground handling and becoming the record holder at UKPPG for walking into the Dyke whilst reverse launch practicing, Continued Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes I was finally given the thumbs up for my first flight. After a quick ?refreshment? break, I strapped into the EC-Extreme EC25 (Moster Engine) that I had on my back whilst running around the field. Now it was down to me to see if I could put all of what I had learned together. My heart began to beat out of my chest, my mouth became as parched as the Gobi desert and I also felt some valve chatter in other areas. Now was time to show Nigel that his professionalism and dedication to me had not been wasted! I stood there leaning slightly forward with the EC-Extreme paramotor purring quietly at idle, on my back. I felt for the slight pull of the Sky K2 wing through the risers and cantered myself whilst remaining focused on the datum point that I had selected. This was it! My heart was beating at a thousand beats per minute and my knees felt like rubber. I took two small steps back and walked forward. Continued Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes The Sky K2 wing starter to rise behind me. The thousand and one exercises that I had conducted over the past seven days all instantly fell in to place. The Gobi desert vanished and my legs firmed up. The bodily valve chatter stopped and my heartbeat sounded loudly above the still idling engine. On my third step, I looked up to see the wing gracefully flying above my head. I leaned back and squeezed the throttle put some power on to the EC-Extreme paramotor. I leant back further so that the prop wash would not catch the wing and I held back the force whilst moving steadily forward. The K2 was still settled above me so I squeezed a little more on the throttle and before I knew it, I was airborne. Continued Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes What a rush! There was no feeling like it? I had achieved a personal goal and a long-standing dream to be able to fly under power safely, whilst in full control. This dream would not have been possible without the aid of two very exceptional people who together make up a very special team. That is Nigel (UKPPG CFI) and Nikki Davies his partner in life and business. I would like to extend the biggest and most heartfelt thank you to you both for all that you have done for me, enabling me to fulfil my dream. Nigel you are my hero and now a very good friend. Dave Wisson Proud to have the Call sign ?Skidder? Quotes
Dave Wisson
The Adventure of a Lifetime!

Quotes I bought two of your windsocks about 18 months ago and it's as a result of seeing them in action that Keith asked me to get some for the club. They're fully out at about 10mph but are good for wind direction and can easily be seen from the winch. Being so light, they are sensitive to wind changes in summer and we intend to have then scattered about as thermal sniffers. Your spinner one is for the landing area to give an idea of strength too. Regards, Carole Sherrington Quotes
Carole Sherrington
UKPPG Windsocks

Quotes Im a student at ukppg and the training is awesome. The instructor is amazing he is very knowledgeable and very honest. I highly highly recommend him as a instructor. Quotes
Bryce Ribble